Jury team declines investigator's request to re-open McNair case

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- A grand jury team said there should not be a new investigation into the murder-suicide of ex-NFL player Steve McNair and his girlfriend.

McNair shared the 2003 MVP award with Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning. McNair, who passed for more than 31,000 yards during 13 NFL seasons, played the final two years of his career with the Baltimore Ravens.

Vincent Hill, a former Nashville police officer, said there should be a new investigation and requested that a three-member team from the Davidson County grand jury review his complaint.

In its final report filed Friday, the panel said Hill "lacked evidence to support his views."

"The panel felt that this was a case that should not be heard by other members of the grand jury," the report added.

Hill disputed investigators' findings in McNair's death and wrote a book presenting his own theory of the crime.

However, Nashville Police spokesman Don Aaron recently told The Associated Press that the current investigation should stand.

"The Nashville Police Department ... stands by its investigation into this matter, which determined after an examination of all the evidence that McNair was murdered by Kazemi, who then killed herself," he said.

Hill couldn't be reached by The AP for comment. But he recently told The Tennessean newspaper that police made multiple errors in their investigation and didn't properly research conflicting alibis.

Hill resigned from the Nashville police in 2006 with a disciplinary action pending. He was accused of disobeying orders.

Davidson County District Attorney Torry Johnson said in a news release that theories relating to the McNair investigation are not backed up by facts.

"While our office is always open to review relevant information or re-examine evidence on closed cases, so far nothing we have seen can refute the fact that anyone other than Sahel Kazemi fired those shots," Johnson said.

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