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Julio Jones says he won't play during preseason

You won't see Julio Jones this preseason.

The Atlanta Falcons receiver told reporters Tuesday he won't participate in preseason games this year.

"I don't need preseason to get ready," Jones said matter-of-factly, noting that if he gets in some practices, he'll be fine for the 2019 campaign.

The Falcons kick off a five-game preseason slate on Thursday in the Hall of Fame Game versus the Denver Broncos. Safety Keanu Neal also told reporters he was not sure how much, if any, he would play in the game.

It's not a surprise in the least that Jones won't play this preseason. The superstar receiver continues to rehab from a foot issue and is looking for a new contract.

Jones didn't participate last preseason and played just one game in the 2017 preseason.

As the Los Angeles Rams proved last year, star players sitting out preseason games is not a big deal. We expect plenty of other teams to follow suit and sit key starters until games begin to count.

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