Julio Jones on historic start: 'I feel like I can do better'

Here's a scary thought for NFL defenses: Julio Jones believes he can improve upon his record-setting start with the Falcons this season.

The All-Pro wide receiver has 34 catches for 440 yards and four touchdowns through three games. If Jones were to keep up this insane pace, he'd finish the season with 181 receptions, 2,346 yards and 21 touchdowns.

Add his 38 consecutive karate chops from the Madden commercial and it's been a great damn month of statistical production. Is Jones surprised?

"No, not at all," Jones said, via the Houston Chronicle. "I feel like I can do better. You can never play a perfect game. There's some calls I haven't executed properly in the first three games. I have to execute better.

"I feel like I'm capable of doing anything and everything. I just got to come to work every day. The main thing is staying healthy."

Our man Chris Wesseling agrees with our belief that Jones has snatched the (imaginary) crown as the game's best wide receiver. As Wess notes in his piece, Kyle Shanahan's arrival in Atlanta has led to an emphasis on getting the ball quickly to Jones and letting him do the rest.

With a historically scary combination of size, speed and coordination, this is never a bad idea.

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