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Josh Norman: Dave Gettleman 'winning for' Redskins

By the transitive property of finger pointing, any success the Washington Redskins come by in the immediate future will lead directly to mentions of New York Giants general manager Dave Gettleman helping them out.

Three of Washington's most important players landed with the Redskins as a byproduct of decisions made by Gettleman. Josh Norman signed with Washington after Gettleman withdrew his franchise tag when both were a member of the Carolina Panthers. Landon Collins inked a big-money contract with the Redskins this offseason after Gettleman let him walk for nothing in free agency. And new rookie quarterback Dwayne Haskins landed in Washington after the Giants selected Duke product Daniel Jones in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft instead of the Ohio State signal-caller.

Norman joined the *Rich Eisen Show* this week where it was pointed out to the veteran cornerback the connections between the three vital Redskins and Gettleman.

"I think we need to put him on salary," Norman responded amid laughter. "I think we need to put him on salary. I mean, they need to protect Dave Gettleman at all costs up in New York, for sure. All costs, because he's winning for us, geez Louise."

If the Redskins succeed in 2019 it will largely be thanks to the trio.

"The more players you can get the better your chances (of winning a Super Bowl) are," Norman said.

Jones and Haskins will be forever linked by their teams' draft decisions and the fact that they play in the NFC East. That Gettleman had a hand in not only helping the Redskins land their QB of their choice, but also two other high-priced defensive players creates an even brighter underlined connection between the two rival organizations.

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