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Josh Gordon: Some Browns distant during suspension

When Josh Gordon got hit with a massive, 10-game suspension, he found out quickly that some people weren't going to support him anymore.

That included people in his own facility.

Speaking to former teammate Nate Burlesonduring an interview that aired on NFL Network's NFL GameDay Morning, Gordon said that there were a few of his current Browns teammates who distanced themselves from him after his suspension was announced. This, just a few months after Gordon capped an incredible 2013.

"As far as even people in here, you know, I don't want to throw names around, but I can see it," Gordon said. "You know, I'm definitely really observant, so I see how people might just be more standoffish. It's kind of like a disease, you know, people they want to see it, but they don't really want to touch it. And that's kind of how it was, really just having to be a loner."

Gordon caught eight passes for 120 yards in his debut against the Falconslast week. He was targeted 16 times and will undoubtedly be a large part of the team's game plan in Buffalo on Sunday.

That should help ease the distance his suspension allegedly caused.

But at the same time, it's interesting to hear Gordon discuss his own perception. While his interview also touched on wanting to win for the city of Cleveland and wanting to push further to reach his potential, it also included that little nugget. Something to let a few people know that he won't forget who was in his corner.

Gordon gave the Browns' season new life last week, and if the team has any hopes of escaping the hellish AFC North, they'll need Gordon to continue torturing secondaries. That alone is something worth appreciating.

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