Josh Gordon says he'll be '100 percent on Sunday'

Hue Jackson has said Josh Gordon won't start for the Browns in Week 1.

But when it comes to the second play of the game? Well...

Gordon, when healthy, is a physical specimen with the talent capable of leading the league in receiving in less than a full season of action. That's not to say he'll do it -- even if he already has once -- but to illustrate his potential value to a team.

For the Browns, a team that went winless last season, Gordon can't possibly become more valuable than he already is. That makes his availability to start the season paramount, even if he's not in the initial lineup.

So far, it sounds as though there are no physical limitations on Gordon.

"I'm going as much as they tell me to go," Gordon told reporters Wednesday. "If they tell me to sit out for a period of time, I do as I'm told. It's just great being in this atmosphere. Fortunately, I know the plays already, so it's real good to take the mental reps, physical reps, as much as I can do I try to take advantage of it."

Gordon isn't in the lineup because he missed a lot of training camp to focus on his sobriety and well-being. It was a mature decision on the part of Gordon, which the Browns accomodated. But Jackson is also running a team and trying to establish a new culture. Handing a starting job to someone who wasn't present for most of camp won't exactly accomplish that.

But the Browns are a team that has spent a year in the desert, and a win is an oasis. Gordon can help it become a reality. As of Wednesday, his participation is becoming more likely.

"No, I told you guys before, I'll be 100 percent," he said. "I feel 100 percent today and I'll be 100 percent Sunday."

If his health is satisfactory, and he's comfortable enough mentally and physically to take the field, it seems the only details left to consider are his familiarity with his starting quarterback, and exactly what role he'll fill against the Steelers.

Gordon said he and Tyrod Taylor have "a real good feel" for each other's on-field preferences. He had more to say about his own mindset entering Sunday.

"I feel like the biggest piece of it is making sure I'm locked in and knowing what I'm trying to do as an individual, as a player and as a teammate going forward," Gordon said. "I think first and foremost, personal stuff aside, I'm thinking of getting a win. How can I help my team get a win this Sunday? At the most crucial point of the game, what can I do to help put us over the edge if I'm needed? I really just want to get a win."

If it's about wins, we'll see plenty of Gordon on Sunday, and for weeks to come.

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