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Jordy Nelson: Aaron Rodgers is playing at his best ever

Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb have been on a tear as the Green Bay Packers have zoomed to a 5-1 record in their last six games.

The duo has combined for 18 receiving touchdowns, the most in the NFL for any receiving combo, and are second in yards with 1,539.

Nelson was asked on NFL Network's NFL AM Friday whether they are the best receiving duo in the NFL.

"We probably think that -- I don't know about everyone else," he said. "But we're out there having fun, doing our job, making plays and, most importantly, winning ball games."

They are making plays largely because Aaron Rodgers is playing out of his mind in recent weeks.

Coming off a six-touchdown first half against the Chicago Bears, Nelson was asked if he's ever seen Rodgers play as well as he has in last week's game.

"At a point in time, no," Nelson said. "I mean, if you look at last week with what we were able to do in the first half, I don't think he can play better. It's still hard, I think, over a course of a season to match what we did a few years ago when we went 15-1 and our offense was putting up unbelievable numbers.

"But I think the main thing now is just to stay consistent in what we're doing. I think we got too much up and down, and I think we've got a great opportunity Sunday to go out and do it against a quality opponent and truly see where we're at."

In advance of Sunday's showdown with the Philadelphia Eagles, Rodgers has thrown 26 touchdowns and zero (ZERO!!!) interceptions in his last 10 regular season home games. Rodgers is on pace to throw for 44 touchdowns and five interceptions this season. No QB in NFL history has ever thrown for 40 or more TDs and fewer than five INTs (Rodgers came closest with 45 TD, six INT in 2011).

It's surprising that that right now the Packers, at 6-3, remain on the outside of the playoffs. Few believe that will last into December, because Rodgers is playing at an MVP level.

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