Jones: There was no friction with Rodgers, McCarthy

Marked by an absence from the postseason and the end of the line for the second-winningest coach in the Packers' storied chronicle, it was an arduous campaign for Green Bay.

Rodgers remains and McCarthy was fired following a Green Bay run that included a Super Bowl championship and 125 wins (second in franchise lore to only Curly Lambeau).

Despite the end result and the reports, Packers running back Aaron Jones denied any discontent between the QB and former coach when he was a guest analyst Friday on NFL Total Access.

"I never seen anything myself, so I'm wondering where those reports are coming from and I'd like to see that as well," Jones said. "I never once seen that; Aaron's a great leader, great role model and a great guy, great teammate."

McCarthy's out and Rodgers is still leading the way for the Pack, so it should really be of little surprise that Jones would deny any bad tidings while celebrating Rodgers as an ultra-talented captain of the Green Bay ship.

"It's easy," Jones said when asked what it was like to play with Rodgers. "He makes the game so easy for you. He can sit there, sit back and be like, 'This guy's coming on a protection.' You don't even have to think about it, you can play just like that. On a route, like, hey, you've got this route. You can just go out there and play smooth, don't second guess yourself. Like I say, he just makes the game easy for you. Puts the ball in a catchable position where nobody else can catch the ball."

McCarthy was replaced by interim coach Joe Philbin, but the Packers have now moved on to Matt LaFleur. LaFleur has expressed a desire to have a balanced attack in which the running game sets the tone.

Thus, Jones, who averaged a league-high 5.5 yards per carry, is happy about where the offense is headed.

"The run and the pass go together 50-50," said Jones of what he and LaFleur have talked about. "Just being balanced, like he said, will help you out.

"When you're balanced, they have no choice but to keep them guessing."

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