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Jones might have sped to fast 40, but where's that field speed?

Here are five things I think about the 2011 draft:

Where's the tape speed?

I think I wish I could see Julio Jones play as fast on tape as he worked out in Indy at the combine. I just can't find that speed on tape (maybe he was injured) but his incredible speed at the combine does not carry over when he puts the pads on.

Smith's off-field issues

I think CB Jimmy Smith of Colorado is a great talent and might be the second best corner in the draft, but his off-field problems concern me. He seems to always be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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Thomas better value than Ingram

I think Alabama's Mark Ingram is a good back, not a great back, and Daniel Thomas of Kansas State might be a better value in the draft. If a team in the first round picks Ingram, it better be sold on his ability to pass protect and stay durable.

Can 3-4 D-linemen play in space?

I think when teams draft one of these linemen for their 3-4 defense they better make sure the player can play in space. 'Backers in the 3-4 must drop, must play in space and must tackle in the open field. If they can only rush, then the defense is not a 3-4, but a high school 5-2, which does not work in the NFL.

A lying shame

I think the next few weeks I am not going to believe a word coming from teams about who they like and who they are interested in drafting. We are now entering the lying stage of the draft process.

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