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Jones-Drew would love to see the NFL return to Los Angeles

Even Maurice Jones-Drew is in agreement -- the name Los Angeles Rams just sounds better. This of course, makes him one of the smartest men in the world. Move over Stephen Hawking, our world's brightest mind is Jones-Drew.

To be clear, Jones-Drew wasn't endorsing the Rams' return to Los Angeles during his visit to NFL Network on Monday, but he did say that if a team comes to Los Angeles, the name has to sing.

Hollywood Knights?

One of the names often talked about for a potential football team in Los Angeles is the Hollywood Knights. So how about it MJD, do you think that the name would fit? "No, that isn't going to work. The name has to have Los Angeles in it because of the weight behind it."

So Maurice Jones-Drew might not be a fan of the name, but you should be a fan of the "Dave Dameshek Football Program." **Subscribe**

Jones-Drew said that the team could have any name really, even the L.A. Pooper Scoopers, just as long as it has the name Los Angeles.

Of course, it should be noted that the Los Angeles Pooper Scoopers -- then known as the Raiders -- already played in Los Angeles. But I digress.

Jones-Drew is in your proverbial catch-22 when talking about the NFL's potential return to Los Angeles. The former UCLA standout would love to see the NFL return to his hometown. The only problem, he plays for one of the franchises often rumored to be on the move, the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Not that it weighs on his mind or anything.

"You really don't pay attention to it at all," Jones-Drew said. "For me it's win, win. I love Jacksonville. It's a great place for me to raise a family. I have three kids now. I'm married, I play golf. There is golf everywhere.

"To come back home to play in front of my family, so they don't have to travel 2,000 miles to see me play, that is something I would love as well."

You can see the dilemma. That is akin to having only one credit in the jukebox and trying to figure out which Lynyrd Skynyrd tune to play. (For the record, Jones-Drew sided with Skynyrd in our long-running argument on the "Dave Dameshek Football Program.")

Not only is Jones-Drew's current team one of those considered a candidate for relocation to L.A., the team he grew up rooting for -- the Raiders -- are also a a possibility. But he doesn't see that working out.

The region already had its chance with the Raiders once and blew it, he said.

"The Raiders have always been Oakland," Jones-Drew said. "They tried L.A. and it didn't work out. No disrespect to L.A. but Oakland Raiders just sounds better. I like the L.A. Rams. Oakland Raiders sounds better."

Yes, it does sound better. But again, this wasn't an endorsement.

Jones-Drew did say that Los Angeles would be best suited for having two teams, that way the fans can glom on to the team that is actually winning. Similar to when UCLA and USC took turns being the dominant team in L.A. Although, he might want to pump the brakes a little bit. We've only had two professional football teams since 1995 (the AFL's Avengers and the XFL champion Xtreme), so let's not get greedy.

But Jones-Drew does agree that the time has come for an L.A. team.

"Everybody wants to come to L.A.," Jones-Drew said. "Whoever the face of the franchise is, he is going to have a lot of responsibility."

Especially if he is the head of the L.A. Pooper Scoopers.

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