Jones: Cowboys' running game better than last season

Once again, Jerry Jones won't rule out the Dallas Cowboys signing another veteran running during the summer months, but he reaffirmed his belief in the current stable of backs.

The Cowboys owner believes that the totality of the running game, despite the defection of the NFL's leading rusher, DeMarco Murray, is actually better than last year.

"When you say the entire running game -- and that would be including our tight ends, including fullbacks, the entire game -- we're better. We're better," Jones said Wednesday at the team's annual golf outing.

"Murray certainly is in that thought, but what we've got a chance to do with our depth, what we've got a chance to do with the talent, the competition that we have, and I'm assuming that we can protect (Tony) Romo, which standing here last year, the concerns about his surgeries were more so than today.

"So if Romo can have the kind of year that he had last year, then our running game will benefit from that."

Darren McFadden, Joseph Randle, Lance Dunbar and Ryan Williams currently make up the Cowboys' running back depth chart. McFadden will likely get the first crack at the starting gig, but the other three will get their chance to wrestle carries away.

Jones told NFL Media's Desmond Purnell that he has "a lot of trust" in Randle's abilities.

The addition of undrafted free agent offensive lineman La'el Collins -- regarded as a first-round talent -- to the NFL's best set of blockers certainly adds to the Cowboys' belief that anyone can succeed behind their road-paving offensive line.

Given Romo's age and health issues last season, the Cowboys will continue to rely heavily on the running game. This year it will be in committee form. 

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