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Jones: Cowboys haven't had true No. 1 WR for years

The Dallas Cowboys approach to the wide receiver position by gathering a plethora of No. 2 and 3 receivers hasn't had the desired effect in Dallas.

The Cowboys don't have a single player with 200 yards receiving for the season -- by contrast, there are 75 players league-wide who have topped the mark, including 54 wide receivers. Running back Ezekiel Elliott leads Dallas in receptions with 22.

It's clear the Cowboys don't have a true number one receiver. Speaking on 105.3 FM The Fan on Tuesday morning, owner Jerry Jones noted his team hasn't had a No. 1 for some years.

"First of all, a true No. 1 you saw one the other night [DeAndre Hopkins]," Jones said. "You see Julio Jones, you see players like that. In my mind, every team doesn't have a true No. 1 receiver. When you put it in that class, those guys that just absolutely can change the ball game with where they are. And that hasn't been our case for several years here that we've had a true No. 1, not a true No. 1."

The immediate reaction to Jones' comments is: "What about Dez Brant? Was he not a No. 1 receiver?"

To the hosts' credit they asked Jones whether he considered Dez a No. 1.

Jones didn't answer the follow-up question directly and reiterated his belief there aren't many teams with a No. 1 receiver.

"What I'm saying is, where did they go the other night when you just had to have it and it was on the line? [Hopkins]," Jones said. "And that's where you went to...You can go down to Atlanta with Julio. You can go around to four or five different teams, but I'm basically giving you my definition of a No. 1 receiver. And it is Julio Jones, it is [DeAndre Hopkins], those are the guys. There are not but a handful of those guys in the NFL."

To Dez's credit, he didn't take Jones' comment as a bash.

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