Jones claims Orton was 'acting a little bit' on the hit

Tennessee Titans defensive tackle Jason Jones intends to appeal the $15,000 fine he received for a hit on Denver quarterback Kyle Orton, The Tennessean reported Wednesday.

Jones, who also was called for a personal foul on the play, told the newspaper he thought Orton might have exaggerated the severity of the hit.

"I think Orton was acting a little bit, but the refs are going to protect the players," Jones said, adding he felt the fine was "a little hefty."

Jones wasn't the only Titan fined by the NFL this week. The Tennessean reported tight end Daniel Graham was fined $5,000 for throwing a football into the stands after making the game-winning touchdown catch against the Broncos.

"It is worth it because I know a fan got a good souvenir," Graham said. "I wouldn't do it again, because second offense is worth more than that."

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