Johnson must attend 30 of 36 Titans workouts or face fines

Chris Johnson's lucrative long-term contract extension with the Tennessee Titans requires the running back to be a consistent presence during offseason programs or accept a stiff financial penalty.

Johnson's deal, worth $53.5 million and $30 million guaranteed, stipulates that he must attend 30 of the team's 36 scheduled offseason workouts or be docked $250,000 in any season he fails to do so, the Tennessean reported Thursday.

Johnson agreed to the deal Sept. 1 after a 35-day holdout, and he told the newspaper he's still getting his feet wet.

"When I go out there and start playing I'll know how much I can go, and I'll know when I have to back down and things like that," Johnson said. "I am used to the heat since I'd been working out in Florida, but not in a pad and helmets. We'll see when I get out there."

Johnson has led the NFL with 4,598 rushing yards over his first three seasons. For now, he's the NFL's highest-paid running back, averaging $13.38 million per year over the next four years and $9.25 million over the six years taking him through 2016. The $30 million guaranteed is what he said he wanted back in 2010 when he first talked of wanting a new contact.

Titans offensive coordinator Chris Palmer is pleased with Johnson's progress.

"He is a guy who is a true professional," Palmer said. "He knows the offense and is up to speed. … Conditioning-wise, you have to be concerned about that. You have to bring him along and not overload him and make sure you don't do something to damage him."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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