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Johnny Manziel will be ready if Browns call his number

Kyle Shanahan intimated backup quarterback Johnny Maziel could see time against Pittsburgh. Steelers coaches fully expect Johnny Football to play.

For his part, Manziel said he'll be ready if his number is called.

"I have to be (ready),'' Manziel said Friday, per the Cleveland Plain Dealer. "I think that's what these coaches have asked of me, so I've been tuned in all week."

The playmaking signal-caller said he couldn't get into specifics of what brand of plays he might be called to run, saying there are too many "ifs."

Questions surrounding Brian Hoyer's production coming off an ACL tear have led to speculation that the Browns will insert Manziel into the game plan. The thought process stems partially from Shanahan's gushing comments and partly because of the glaring dearth of offensive playmakers.

Hoyer won the starting gig in no small part because Manziel struggled in his battle with the playbook. The quarterback said the time behind Hoyer has been beneficial.

"Every day it progresses, every week it progresses (and) is better for me,'' he said. "I know throughout this week I felt like I've been really dialed in with everything that's going on and making sure, more than anything. I think it's given me a chance to sit back from behind and get a chance to really analyze things that go on and really get a chance to slow some things down in my head and see them, like the pieces move throughout the defense and our offense. It helps.''

The more he progresses, the faster he'll go from Johnny Package to Johnny Starter.

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