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Johnny Manziel on Brian Hoyer: 'We're not enemies'

After looking over his shoulder all season, reality has struck Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer right in the kisser.

Benched in favor of Johnny Manziel, Hoyer acknowledged Wednesday that his demotion "hurts," but both signal-callers swatted down whispers of a feud between the two.

"I think what gets lost a lot throughout all this having a younger guy and then a veteran and they're competing throughout the whole camp, there's kind of a general misconception that me and Brian don't get along all the time," Manziel said, per The Plain Dealer. "I know I saw something last weekend about me mumbling something on the sideline. Me and Brian have a great relationship. We're teammates. We're not enemies."

Not enemies, but complete opposites: Manziel hit the scene as the summertime party boy known more for his on-field artistry than off-the-field preparation. Hoyer's reputation in Cleveland has been that of a first-in, last-out passer battling for his life as an NFL starter. 

"I feel he's fully behind me," Manziel said. "He's obviously disappointed. But I'm sure it's obviously a little bit of the same feeling that I've had throughout the course of the year, but Brian has handled it like a professional ... we're teammates. We look out for each other. He's done that for me and vice versa."

Hoyer promised Wednesday that "I'll be here to support Johnny," while making light of their perceived chilly relationship.

"We were joking about it the other day," Hoyer said. "I like Johnny. Johnny's a good guy, and this is just a situation we're in. I'll be there to support him. Any questions he has, and in the same sense I'll be ready to play too because you're only one play away. I've been in this position before. So, I'll stay ready."

Hoyer might not have to stay ready for long. NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport noted Tuesday that the switch "almost certainly means Brian Hoyerwill not be a member of the Browns for the 2015 season."

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