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Johnny Manziel is trending upward, says Elvis Grbac

If there's anyone -- and I mean anyone -- who can relate to former first-round pick Johnny Manziel's climb back from rehab and constant fight to manage the expectations of a championship-starved city, it's gotta be Elvis Grbac.

No? Well, the former 49ers, Chiefs and Ravens quarterback, who was born in Cleveland and coaches high school football there, has some takes anyway.

"It's obviously a learning experience," Grbac recently told "I think he's going in the right direction. He's on the right path. I think it'll be somewhat of a rude awakening the first couple games of the season and he will have to adjust.

"Going from the college level to the professional level is a huge jump, and you need to act like a professional. You need to prepare like a professional, and he will learn that as the years go on."

In all seriousness, Grbac isn't a bad resource here. He's got his ear to the ground in a city that is trying desperately to understand and forgive a quarterback it expected to be its savior. Grbac obviously lived his life a little differently, but he makes a lot of sense when talking about the importance of appearances in the NFL.

Plus, this gives us an opportunity to bring up the fact that Grbac was ACCIDENTALLY named People Magazine's sexiest athlete alive back in 1998.

You know what? I take back what I said about him not being able to handle off-the-field pressure. I can't even imagine ...

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