Johnny be gone? Manziel just doesn't fit Hue Jackson's QB mold

It's not news that Johnny Manziel's days as a Brown are numbered. Or they likely are, based on how things went down during the interview process of eventual head-coaching hire Hue Jackson.

But the reason why?

As I understand it, there's significant doubt within the organization that Manziel will be able to handle the demands that Jackson puts on players at his position. The expectation of the new staff will be, more or less, that the quarterback take up residence at the facility during the season, and be a round-the-clock presence with his teammates inside those walls. It's why Carson Palmer and Jason Campbell were ideal for Jackson in Oakland. It's why he connected so closely with Andy Dalton. It's why he believed in AJ McCarron when Dalton went down in December. And if Manziel is going to have any sort of shot, he's going to have to convince a lot of people in Cleveland very, very quickly that he's capable of being that kind of gym rat.

Jackson's handling of Dalton the last couple years can provide a pretty vivid illustration of what all this means. One Bengals coach said that after Jackson took over as offensive coordinator in 2014, "He changed Andy's routine to get him around us more and around the other offensive players more." Jackson actually moved to get the game plan to Dalton early each week, per the coach, "so he could talk through it in more detail. Then, he pushed [Dalton] to meet separately with other skill guys and some offensive linemen to get them on the same page as him."

Overall, Jackson wants his quarterback to take ownership of his offense. As of right now, it's hard to envision Manziel as that kind of guy.

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