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John Mara only no vote for onside kick alternative

The Denver Broncos' proposal to provide teams with an alternative to the onside kick generated a lot of interest from the Competition Committee with only one member opposed to it.

Giants owner John Mara told NFL Network's Judy Battista that he was the only no vote on the Competition Committee.

"What are we, the Arena Football League?" Mara said of the proposal to provide a fourth-and-15 alternative option to the onside kick.

The members believe it could be a fun option for teams, given that rule changes designed to make the kickoff safer have all but eliminated the chance to successfully execute an onside kick. The proposal calls for teams to get the option, a maximum of once per game during the fourth quarter only, of foregoing a kickoff and instead attempting to remain on offense following a score by converting what would essentially be a fourth-and-15 play from its own 35-yard line.

If the play is converted, the team keeps possession. If the attempt fails, the other team takes over possession.

The owners still have to vote this week after the rule is presented to them. But with only one no vote from the committee, there's a good chance that it could pass.

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