John Mara: Most free agents available were 'mediocre'

For the most part, the New York Giants have been bystanders during the first week and a half of free agency. This was by design.

To hear John Mara, Big Blue's co-owner, tell it, the team peeked at what it would cost to bring in new talent and determined it wasn't worth it.

"There were obviously some star players out there, but for the most part I thought it was a mediocre free-agent class,'' Mara told reporters Thursday, per the New York Post.

Mara's point is valid that aside from the top talent -- the Ndamukong Suhs or Randall Cobbs -- many of the mid-tier players get overpaid when they reach free agency. There is a reason their former team's allowed them to hit the open market.

"And I think a lot of guys got paid more money than maybe they would have in other years because there was a lot of cap room out there," Mara continued. "I think the guys who we got will help us, but we still have a long way to go."

Mara can also look in the mirror when he says players got paid more money than they might have other years. His team gave Dwayne Harris, a good special teamer who doesn't help on offense, $7.1 million in guaranteed money .

The Giants have also added defensive lineman Kenrick Ellis, linebacker J.T. Thomas and running back Shane Vereen -- so, yes, a pretty mediocre class overall.

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