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John Mara: Daniel Jones sits all season in perfect world

The Giants have made it clear throughout training camp that they want Eli Manning to start over rookie Daniel Jones.

Owner John Mara reaffirmed those sentiments Tuesday.

"I hope Eli has a great year and Daniel never sees the field," Mara said when asked what an ideal season would look like, via SNY. "That would be in an ideal world, you'd like to see that. At the end of the day it's going to be a decision by the head coach as to when, or if, Daniel ends up playing this year."

Manning, 38, has struggled through the last two years as the Giants have won just eight games combined. The two-time Super Bowl MVP has 40 touchdowns and 24 interceptions over that span.

Jones, the No. 6 overall pick, further complicated matters in his perfect preseason debut (5 of 5, 67 yards and a touchdown).

Despite all that, Mara insists he would be thrilled if Jones never took a snap as a rookie.

"I'd be very happy with that because that means we're having a great year and Eli's having a great year," Mara said.

Jones will get a chance to replicate his performance in Friday's preseason game vs. Chicago, but it appears there's not much he can do at this time to supplant Manning.

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