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John Harbaugh 'disappointed' with late penalty

If the Baltimore Ravens don't make the playoffs this year, they will remember Sunday's loss to San Diego above the rest. Joe Flacco and the Ravens' offense dominated the game, reaching the red zone seven times in their first eight trips.

And they still lost because of a leaky secondary that couldn't stop Philip Rivers.

After the game, coach John Harbaugh made it clear he placed part of the blame on the officials, who called a 23-yard defensive pass interference call on cornerback Anthony Levine with under a minute to go. That set up San Diego's game-winning touchdown.

"My understanding is that both players, the offensive and defensive player, are supposed to have an opportunity to go make a play on the ball," Harbaugh said. "I saw a corner trying to make a play on the ball with a forearm in his chest and clavicle area being held down, not allowed to jump for the ball.

"That's a disappointing situation. I think a corner should be given the chance to defend, and I know he wasn't given a chance to defend on that play. That's not fair to the player. Players should be the guys determining the outcome of the game in a situation like that, without question."

Harbaugh is backing the wrong horse here. Levine was all over Malcom Floyd and it looked like an obvious call. Singling out this call sounds like sour grapes on a day when the Ravens made a ton of mental mistakes, were benefactors of many shakier pass interference calls and couldn't make a stop on third down.

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