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John Harbaugh didn't make call about footballs

GLENDALE, Ariz -- Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh has heard the reports that his team started the investigation into the Patriots' deflated footballs in the divisional round playoff game. He denies it all.

"That's ridiculous," Harbaugh said Sunday on NBC's pregame show. "I never made any call."

Harbaugh says he did not tell the Indianapolis Colts anything following the Ravens' divisional round loss, but he did follow up with Colts coach Chuck Pagano after the Patriots made the Super Bowl just to make sure no one from the Ravens contacted the Colts in any way. Harbaugh says that Pagano confirmed no one from the Patriots had "tipped off" the Colts about deflated footballs.

One thing is certain about the inflated ball investigation: We are going to continue to hear a lot about it in the coming weeks, whether the Patriots win or lose Sunday.

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