John Fox: Broncos 'on to Oakland' after Patriots loss

Denver Broncos coach John Fox took a page out of Bill Belichick's book after getting whipped by the New England Patriots coach.

"We're on to Oakland," Fox replied to two different answers Wednesday, per The Denver Post, echoing Belichick's "On to Cincinnati" comments after his team got walloped earlier this season.

Peyton Manning was more verbose about how the Broncos need to bounce back from what he termed a slap in the face last week.

"Losing a football game, the key is how you respond to it," Manning said. "I've seen teams lose games and they don't recover from it. We are focused on trying to respond and play better. Can it be a good thing (to lose)? Yeah, if you respond.

"You'd like not to have to get slapped in the face to get refocused. You'd like to be focused every single week. If it happens, it's about trying not to repeat it, trying to improve and that's what we're trying to do."

The last time the Broncos got slapped in the face was in the Super Bowl. This time they don't have to wait months to play. This time they will get to take any residual frustration from Sunday's 43-21 beatdown out on a winless Oakland Raiders squad this week.

Manning, by the way, is undefeated (8-0) in his career against teams that are 0-3 or worse. 

On to Oakland, indeed.

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