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Joe Thomas on playing hurt: 'You just suck it up'

Cleveland Browns left tackle Joe Thomas hasn't missed a regular-season snap through eight seasons.

Oh, he's been injured, but that hasn't caused him to miss one play.

On Tuesday, while brushing off what he considers a "minor" knee injury after getting rolled up during Monday's practice, Thomas casually revealed that he's played through multiple medial collateral ligament tears and other assorted injuries.

"I've had three MCL tears in my career, so I know the severity of what it feels like and how it happens. I've had two high-ankle sprains," Thomas said, per the Akron Beacon-Journal. "You kind of know your body after a while and when they look at it and they see there's not swelling and there's minimal pain and you can do certain exercises, that's kind of how they determine [if a player needs an MRI]."

Thomas declined the MRI and dismissed that playing through injuries are that big of a deal.

"You just suck it up. You're a lineman," Thomas said. "The great thing about being a lineman is you need to be quick and fast, but you don't need to be that quick and fast. So if you lose a little bit because you're hurt, it doesn't hurt you that bad. You can make it up with technique."

Thomas just penned the life motto for blockers: "Suck it up. You're a lineman."

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