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Joe Philbin: Miami Dolphins' offense must get quicker

The Miami Dolphins imported offensive coordinator Bill Lazor from Philadelphia in part to mimic the efficiency and speed with which Chip Kelly's Eagles played.

Thus far, the returns haven't been what Dolphins coach Joe Philbin hoped.

Not only has the production from the offense been down during the preseason, the pace of play isn't nearly as up-tempo as desired.

"(Lazor and I) talked on the sidelines a couple times (Saturday) that we thought we could have been pushing the pace a little faster," Philbin said Monday, per The Miami Herald. "It's something that has to get a little quicker."

Part of the trouble with working in the up-tempo system is getting everyone on the same page. Just months into learning a new offense, players still are ironing out the kinks.

"You feel like you're going fast," receiver Mike Wallace said Monday, "and then you realize you aren't going that fast, and by that time, it's time to come out. (But) we will play faster once the season starts, when we have a concrete game plan. We will definitely be playing faster in a week and a half."

In Saturday's game against the Dallas Cowboys, the Dolphins' first-team offense scored just three points in six possessions -- that is not an encouraging number against a bad, beat-up defensive unit.

Lazor wants to run a faster offense, but the pace cannot increase until the players pick the efficiency.

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