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Joe Namath wants to see Christian Hackenberg start

Everyone has an opinion on who should start as the New York Jets' quarterback.

Few of those opinions matter.

While Joe Namath might not have the ear of the coaches, the Jets legend offered his view on the road Gang Green should take in 2017.

"I would like to see [Christian] Hackenberg," Namath said, via "I think we need someone for the future."

Josh McCown was signed as the bridge quarterback and appears set to earn the opening day gig. Given the 37-year-old veteran's injury history, even if coach Todd Bowles goes with the "safe" option out of the gate, it's likely we'll see Hackenberg and/or Bryce Petty at some point in 2017.

Namath is among Jets fans who think the team should just roll with Hackenberg and give the second-year pro a chance to sink or swim. McCown has a clear ceiling. Hackenberg is a complete unknown.

"This is no reflection on Josh," Namath said. "He's a proven veteran and brings a lot to the team. But realistically, you want to make the playoffs, win a Super Bowl. We have to get the guy who can do that."

If Hackenberg is that guy, the Jets finally solved the problem. If it's not, #ScamForSam -- an attempt to position itself to draft USC quarterback Sam Darnold -- is in full effect. Before the Jets can finally find the franchise QB to lift them past the Patriots, first they need to determine whether second-round pick Hackenberg can be that answer.

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