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Joe Flacco injury: No timetable for return to Ravens

As the Ravens' backup quarterback saga twists and turns, the team does not yet have a firm timetable for the return of entrenched starter Joe Flacco.

"We know he's getting better every single day," Harbaugh said, via on Saturday. "Obviously, we have a plan for him, football-wise, when he gets back. But we haven't been told when yet."

While the lack of clarity has to be frustrating for Ravens fans, the truth is that back injuries are some of the most nebulous ailments suffered by football players -- especially those who have to throw the ball for a living. Baltimore has seen life without Flacco (5-11 in 2015) and is doing everything in its power to avoid a similar crash landing. For that reason, Flacco likely will be bubble-wrapped until he is back to normal.

This has been a tumultuous summer for the Ravens already. Injuries have been a constant presence in training camp, costing the team some of its more valuable contributors on offense and forcing Baltimore to dip deep into the free-agent waters. Respite could come in the way of cut down day a few weeks from now, but until then, keeping Flacco upright and out of harm's way seems like the best way to operate.

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