Joe Banner appreciates Chip Kelly's Eagles remake

Joe Banner, a Philadelphia Eagles executive from 1995 to 2012, sits and watches from afar as Chip Kelly essentially dismantles the team he in part helped build for years.

Many fans in Philly are beside themselves about the Eagles' moves to jettison LeSean McCoy, bring in Sam Bradford or one of several other transactions. Instead of feeling insulted, annoyed or torn about Kelly's flurry of moves this offseason, Banner appreciates the calculated approach the current Eagles czar has taken, as growth can only sprout from cultivated change.

"Chip has the confidence that he and his coaching staff can prepare the replacement player to play," Banner recently told the Philadelphia Daily News. "How many times have we seen a coach start Player X, when most people believe Player Y is better, but Player X has the experience; then, Player X gets hurt, and Player Y finally gets to play, and is clearly better? It happens all the time.

"I've been preaching this for years."

As was discussed on the latest edition of the Around The NFL Podcast, Kelly's moves to transform the team -- including utilizing more money on the defensive side of the ball this offseason -- could eventually end up improving the Eagles' position within the NFC East.

So while Eagles fans undergo offseason conniptions, the former boss can appreciate the way Kelly is conducting his business.

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