Jimmy Graham doesn't care about his shutout

Fantasy football owners are the only people upset that Jimmy Graham caught zero passes in the New Orleans Saints' 35-32 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

"For me, it's all about the W's. I don't care if it's zero catches, 10 catches or 20, as long as we win," insisted Graham, per ESPN.com.

Graham credited Steelers safeties Troy Polamalu and Will Allen for his catchless day, saying they undercut most of his routes, on some plays breaking before he did.

"Usually, they wait 'til I break. But (Polamalu's) a smart player," Graham said. "And (Allen), he's a smart player too, he did it once or twice. I can tell that they're watching a lot of film and looking at tendencies and looking at formations and splits.

"But we'll watch film and we'll look at ways that we can expose that."

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Drew Brees said he was surprised when finding out Graham didn't have an official target on the day.

"Somebody said after the game that Jimmy didn't have a catch, and I had to think because it sounded crazy to me," Brees said. "Because he is such a big part of the plan and is always targeted."

You can bet that as the Saints try to streak toward the playoffs, Graham putting up a goose egg will be an aberration.

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