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Jim Kelly's wife says latest surgery for QB 'went well'

Good news: Jim Kelly's follow-up procedure went well, his wife Jill said Thursday.

"Never stop holding hands," Jill Kelly wrote on Instagram. "In sickness and in health. Out of surgery and in recovery. Still in a lot of pain, but everything went well. Thank GOD! No teeth yet, but 5 implants were inserted into the new bone in Jim's upper jaw. More technical than I can explain... What matters most is what's happening in this picture. Never take it for granted! Glory to God!"

Jill earlier relayed the hope is to be back in Buffalo by the weekend.

Jim Kelly, 58, underwent a 12-hour surgery in late March to remove oral cancer and reconstruct his upper jaw. Thursday's procedure was a follow-up to that surgery.

The Hall of Fame QB has dealt with the cancer disease since 2013. Kelly underwent his first surgery a short time after to remove cancer from his jaw. After doctors determined the cancer had spread to his naval cavities, Kelly underwent additional treatments and procedures in March 2014. While declared cancer-free in 2016, the disease returned earlier this year prompting more surgery.

Thursday's positive result is another win for the Bills all-time great. #PrayersUp.

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