Jim Kelly on Brady playing: No excuses when Bills win

Bills legend Jim Kelly has been on the Rex Ryan train from the moment the bombastic head coach was hired to lead a renaissance in upstate New York.

And Sunday, in what is arguably the biggest regular-season game the franchise has played in the last five years, he wants to see his team beat the best.

In an interview with Melissa Stark on NFL Gameday Morning, Kelly said that he was glad Tom Brady was playing Sunday because when the Bills win he wants no excuses.

"We have a very solid football team but the king is coming to town and that's the New England Patriots," Kelly said. "In order for us to get to the top, we got to get through them, so we'll see what happens. I'm so glad that Tom Brady is going to be here because we don't want to hear no excuses when we beat the Patriots today at Orchard Park."

Kelly said the rivalry reminds him of the epic Bills-Dolphins battles from Kelly's playing days.

"I remember when we played in the battle between the Dolphins and the Bills, it was always at the end of the year, who's going to be the AFC's champion," he said. "...It always usually came down to the Dolphins and the Bills and defend or represent the AFC East."

Listening to Kelly now is undeniable proof that Ryan can breathe new life into a franchise fairly quickly. Though his act eventually got old in New York, he was at one time a total celebrity; a coach that was able to transform Jet fan culture during a two year AFC title game run.

Kelly is obviously picking up on Ryan's bravado.

The former Bills quarterback also revealed a bit of good news on Sunday: He's still cancer-free.

"I feel real good," Kelly said. "Just had my MRI and everything came back negative, so far so good."

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