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Jim Irsay: Andrew Luck era hopefully yields two titles

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay said that Chuck Pagano's new contract was not going to be a Super-Bowl-or-bust type of deal.

That being said, he would like to win at least two Super Bowls in the Andrew Luck era.

Game on.

"In the Andrew Luck era, we would like to win at least two World Championships," Irsay said this weekend when introducing the team's newest addition, wideout Phillip Dorsett.

When you have the best quarterback under 30 in the world, two is sort of an arbitrary number, especially if Irsay is expecting Luck to last the 15 or so years Tom Brady has for the Patriots.

Then again, he could just be upping Peyton Manning's championship total in Blue and White by one.

The team has certainly sold out to make Irsay's vision happen this year with some veteran additions at wide receiver and running back in Andre Johnson and Frank Gore. Though both lines are still suspect, this Colts team, especially with Dorsett, has people wondering how many points per game they could possibly score.

Who needs defense, anyway?

Whether or not he meant to, Irsay has certainly upped the ante for 2015 and beyond. We know Luck will be there in a few years, but if there's no Super Bowls, will Pagano?

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