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Jim Caldwell: Teddy Bridgewater is like Russell Wilson

Teddy Bridgewater has played just under seven full quarters of NFL football.

Still that didn't stop Detroit Lions coach Jim Caldwell from comparing him to Super Bowl champion quarterback Russell Wilson.

"This guy is a good player," Caldwell said of Bridgewater, per the Detroit News. "I looked at him coming out closely, and this guy can think on his feet. He can deliver the ball, he's very good in terms of analyzing defenses (and) he does it quickly.

"The other thing is that he gets outside of the pocket. He's like Russell Wilson."

The initial reaction is to roll your eyes and dismiss this as an overactive compliment that needs about two more years to marinate before any sort of legitimate comparison can or should even be considered. (My eyes hurt from all the deep rolls.)

And yet you can see Caldwell's point. Even in those seven quarters, Bridgewater did display some of the characteristics that has made Wilson one of eight best quarterbacks in the NFL right now.

Like Wilson, Bridgewater scrambles to make plays with his arm and doesn't just take off willy-nilly. Bridgewater has shown some of that similar ability to buy time and make plays through the air. Bridgewater also isn't afraid to push the ball down the field, but doesn't force the ball into a bad spot -- another Wilson trademark.

We need to see more of Teddy Two Gloves, and he'll have to perform over multiple seasons, for Caldwell's comparison to take shape -- doing itSunday against the Lions' No. 1 ranked defense would help. But suffice it to say we are excited about where Bridgewater is at the moment and where he could take the Vikings in the future.

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