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Jim Caldwell does not condone Dominic Raiola block

Jim Caldwell did not call center Dominic Raiola's dive block a dirty play, but he still didn't sound happy about it.

When asked about a series of emotional outbursts late in the game, which also included a personal foul from C.J. Mosley, Caldwell said "we don't condone" those actions. The coach also said the team will not discipline Raiola. 

As NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport noted, per a league source, the NFL will not fine or suspend Raiola, though no one will be complimenting his hustle or effort any time soon. The play was universally viewed as a way to get back at the Patriots, and Raiola admitted as much following the game.

What has to be a little more disconcerting, though, is that Caldwell watched a very good team fold emotionally down the stretch of its biggest game to date this season. The team is volatile enough without added elements of frustration into the mix.

The coach hopes his team will adopt his outer calmness next time.

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