Jim Brown comments on Donald Trump, voting

When Jim Brown speaks, it's hard not to listen.

The legendary Browns running back joined Lindsay Rhodes on Friday's edition of NFL Total Access, ahead of the debut of his A Football Life, which premieres at 9 p.m. ET Friday on NFL Network.

Their discussion ranged from his optimism concerning the Browns' future to Ezekiel Elliott's transcendent rookie year. Brown and Rhodes also dove into the pressing current affairs of this country.

Brown was asked whether Colin Kaepernick, who has made waves with his decision to kneel during the national anthem and who earned "100 percent" support from Brown in August, can be a serious civil rights role model if he does not vote.

"That's two questions sort, of. My wife made sure that I voted and she voted," Brown said. "I was always told that one of the greatest freedoms we have in this country is the fact that we are allowed as a part of the people to vote on our candidates. It's a privilege and it represents freedom. It represents a civil kind of approach to living.

"So I am always going to vote. Who else don't vote, that's their business."

Brown, who stumped for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton during her 2016 campaign, also had some thoughts on the election of president-elect Donald Trump.

"I think that I was disappointed initially," Brown explained. "But then I realized with this kind of action, the things that have been revealed on the negative side of life and Mr. Trump is now president, a tremendous responsibility is going to be on his shoulders.

"He's going to shake up everything everywhere, but he's going to have to be a person that uses judgment. He has to be cautious and he has to do the best things for the betterment of this country. It isn't as bad as I initially thought because with him shaking things up, it's going to bring a lot of things out of the woodwork and I think eventually it will work for the better."

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