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Jets' Sam Darnold ruled out versus Eagles; Falk to start

Sam Darnold will miss another game after contracting mononucleosis.

New York Jets coach Adam Gase announced Friday that Darnold is officially out for Sunday's game versus the Philadelphia Eagles.

Luke Falk will start his second game for Gang Green (0-3).

Darnold practiced this week but wasn't medically cleared to play due to concerns about his spleen, which has enlarged because of mono. Gase said Darnold was tested Thursday night and his spleen is close but "is not where it needs to be."

"The labs didn't come back the way that we were hoping. I know Sam's disappointed but we're able to adjust and work quickly," Gase said. "Of course the first thing he says is, I feel like I'm letting the other guys down. It's not about him. He tried to do everything he could. He did everything he was asked to do. He did everything the doctors told him to do. It just didn't work out for him. ...

"The good thing is Luke was all in and was wired in and knew that this could happen."

Darnold was sidelined for losses to the Cleveland Browns and New England Patriots. After a Week 4 bye, the Jets were hoping Darnold could be cleared to return Sunday. He was officially listed as limited in practice Wednesday and Thursday and got a large chunk of the reps. The QB's spleen, however, didn't cooperate.

Gase added he's optimistic Darnold could return in Week 6 when the Jets take on the Dallas Cowboys.

New York signed QB David Fales to be the backup to Falk on Sunday.

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