Jets safety Adams unlikely to be extended, traded in near future

Jamal Adams wants a long-term contract. The Jets want to give him one. Cowboys fans want Adams dealt to Dallas.

NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported Monday that neither scenario is imminent for the All-Pro safety.

"The Jets would like to do a long-term deal, they're just in the situation of basically every other team right now in the NFL of making sure that everything is going according to plan, making sure that the season really does start on time before they dig into some long-term extensions," Rapoport said on NFL NOW. "Of course, Jamal Adams wants one right now, who doesn't? It does not sound like that's going to happen."

Amid rumblings that New York's two-time Pro Bowler could be traded to the Cowboys, Rapoport said Dallas has another matter to resolve before it would possibly pursue Adams.

"From my understanding, there's really nothing there from the Cowboys' perspective," Rapoport said. "First of all, they would need to take care of Dak Prescott first. They're not going to ... sign another player to a huge deal before Dak, that's not going to happen."

Rapoport didn't rule out the Cowboys making a run at Adams in the summer, after the July 15 deadline to extend Prescott. Of course, the Jets might extend their 24-year-old star DB before then. Rapoport noted reports of an impasse between the two sides are inaccurate. A route to renegotiation still exists.

"They just haven't really gotten anywhere yet," Rapoport said.

Consider it a sign of the uncertain times.

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