Jets owner considered Mike Holmgren for head coach

Former Packers and Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren announced his retirement in January of 2015 after learning that the 49ers did not reciprocate his interest in returning to the sidelines in San Francisco.

Like many coaches who were retired by the league in their final stops, though, Holmgren isn't resistant to the charms of being courted by NFL owners.

New York Jets owner Woody Johnson revealed to Newsday's Bob Glauber this week that Holmgren was one of a half-dozen candidates considered for the head coaching vacancy before Todd Bowles was hired to replace Rex Ryan.

"We were being as creative as we could, and we were looking for talent," Johnson explained to Newsday at this week's NFL owners meetings. "Mike has a Super Bowl record, and we wanted to see what he thought about our process, how football had changed, how it had stayed the same, whether he had any advice for us, that kind of thing."

Holmgren ended up declining the opportunity, ultimately leaving Johnson "delighted" with Bowles' 2015 debut in the Big Apple.

Acknowledging that he has moped around the house since retiring, Holmgren remains conflicted about a potential NFL swan song.

Holmgren disclosed on The Rich Eisen Show last July that he strongly considered accepting one of the opportunities offered before realizing he'd be traveling across the country, leaving little time for his grandchildren.

Now 67 years old, Holmgren has referred to his status as "quote-unquote retired" and "semi-retired."

"I know guys who coached after 65. I thought I would," Holmgren told The MMQB's Greg Bishop in 2014. "The more I'm moving away from it, it's flattering when you get a call from somebody. It strokes your ego. Then you start to think, Hey, I could do that! I mean, I miss it. I miss the coaching. I miss it."

Holmgren has been unable to replicate the competition, camaraderie and thrill of professional football. Perhaps that's why he threw his hat back in the ring when the 49ers job opened again in January.

As Holmgren explained to Bishop two summers ago, he has reached the end of the NFL coaching line -- "unless something big comes up."

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