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Jets' Gregg Williams reveals his first words to Adams

Well, at least the Jets' new defensive coordinator isn't shy with his new team.

Gregg Williams adamantly stated his feelings about safety Jamal Adams right when they met. He left no room for a question.

"One of the things is he's very motivated by directness and I said 'I've coached better people than you before,'" Williams said when asked what the first thing he said to Adams was. "Right off the bat. That was a point, and all of a sudden he's been fun to watch and he can't fake who he is either."

Since being drafted sixth overall in 2017, Adams has been one of the league's best safeties. Adams was adamant that his rookie year wasn't good enough. He even tweeted, "I won't miss another Pro Bowl. Believe that."

What did his second season bring? A Pro Bowl and second-team All-Pro selection after 86 tackles, 12 passes defended and 3.5 sacks. Now, with Gregg Williams leading his defense for the first year, Adams is being challenged to reach another level.

Williams went on to mention Adams and fellow third-year safety Marcus Maye as guys who need to stay sharp.

"Not only him but Marcus (Maye) and some other guys, too," Williams said. "We've got to stay healthy, and we've got to cut them loose and let them play. But they've had a good spring."

As usual, Williams is making his thoughts known to everyone who will listen.

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