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Jets GM sounds off on LB Scott, host of other roster issues

The Jets, unwilling to take the nearly $6 million salary cap hit that would come if they cut linebacker Bart Scott, appear happy to entertain trade offers for the 10-year veteran.

"We'll see what we can work out with Bart either being here or not. We're not in a bad position," Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum told WFAN-AM Thursday, according to the Star Ledger. "He had some issues during the season that we're trying to address, and we appreciate his passion."

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Tannenbaum met with Scott's agent at the Combine in Indianapolis last weekend, where they discussed a trade.

Tannenbaum also said the Jets would not be as active in free agency as in years past. "We're really looking to try to keep our own initially and then kind of going from there."

The GM confirmed that right tackle Wayne Hunter will keep his starting job, but added: "We expect him to play better this year."

Concerning receiver Braylon Edwards, cut by the 49ers in December: "Obviously Braylon did a lot of good things for us while he was here. We'll see where that goes. He has done some good things in the past, and once free agency gets started, we'll go from there."

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