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Jets GM Idzik: Percy Harvin trade a 'potential coup'

Jets general manager John Idzik is confident that Percy Harvin, a player who has had repeated behavioral issues since high school and fought a teammate before the biggest game he's ever played in, will acclimate well into the Jets' culture and not be a disturbance off the field.

In fact, Idzik is talking like he made the deal of the decade, calling it a "potential coup" for the Jets.

In a brief address to reporters on Monday, Idzik said he had some frank and honest conversations with Seattle general manager John Schneider, who used to work closely with Idzik when the pair was in Seattle together. When asked about further due diligence, Idzik seemed to hint that he had some information that made the series of gaffes in Seattle, which included Harvin pulling himself from at least one game, seem less destructive than they actually were.

"I have a little bit of added knowledge from Seattle, knowing everyone that was involved," Idzik said Monday. "From players to coaches to medical staff, I know them very well, and you understand the circumstances to the best of your ability. But really, it's about how Percy is going to play and act here as a Jet.

"Given all that information -- we're in a people business. You don't know for sure until you get them on your campus, with your team and in your locker room to see how they're going to respond."

As the general manager of a 1-6 team, Idzik still seems relentlessly optimistic. He said that it wasn't "too late" to make a deal that could impact the season and that Harvin is ready to put his issues behind him.

Rex Ryan agreed, telling reporters in his press conference that he stopped Harvin midway through an explination of his personal issues because, as Ryan put it, everyone makes mistakes.

"That's in the rearview mirror," Idzik said. "Learn from your experiences like anything else, and we're looking forward. He's looking forward. He's excited to be here, and we're excited to have him."

Of course, Idzik gave himself an out by saying that he can never truly know how Harvin will gel with his team until it actually happens, but this move is about more than just acquiring an explosive wideout for a mid-round selection, and Idzik is fully aware of that.

A few suspect personnel moves have already built up around the relatively new general manager, and he doesn't want this to be the one that defines him in a bad way.

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