Jets don't plan on firing Todd Bowles during season

New York Jets fans across the country woke up following Gang Green's abysmal performance in a loss to the Buffalo Bills checking to see if Todd Bowles was fired.

He was not.

Despite the bye week representing a chance to make a clean break, the Jets don't plan to fire Bowles before the end of the season.

NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported Monday that even after yesterday's horrific loss, the Jets don't plan to make any changes during the season. Gang Green won't be rash, per Rapoport, and any decision on the head coach's future would wait until after the 2018 season.

If the Jets lay any more eggs like Sunday's embarrassment, that decision will be fait accompli by the time Christmas rolls around, even if New York decides to let the coach stand precariously on the precipice before shoving him off the plank the moment the season ends.

With seemingly every New York newspaper calling for the coach's head after Sunday's humiliation, the pressure on Bowles won't lessen.

The Jets don't want an in-season coaching change, but further disgraceful performances might change their tenor.

The future of the Jets is Sam Darnold. Everyone in the organization recognizes that fact. Whatever decision is made, whenever it's made, will be with the young quarterback's future in mind.

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