Jets DE Sheldon Richardson: 'I don't tank nothing'

One of the side effects brought on by building for the future is that it's often synonymous with tanking. The Jets are believed to be positioning themselves for a Big Three quarterback in the 2018 draft based on recent veteran cuts, but that doesn't exactly sit well with one of the team's best players.

"I mean, I don't tank nothing," Sheldon Richardsontold "So that's all opinions outside of this organization. We don't come here -- and we're not going to go through training camp, and have 14-hour days -- to go tank a season. I'll be damned."

Richardson brings up a good point. There are prideful players in every locker room regardless of organizational direction who can gum up the best laid plans for the future. Especially players like Richardson, who is playing on his fifth-year option and can spring into free agency next season at 27 with the potential to make a ton of money.

This is not a playoff-bound Jets team, but it is still a defensive unit with one of the best young lines in football. Against certain opponents, they can absolutely still take over a game. Owner Woody Johnson called the strategy getting young and "building through the draft," admitting that the Jets have never tried this method before under his watch. There is a right way and a wrong way to do it, of course, and right now the Jets are walking that fine line.

Most recently, the Browns jettisoned a good amount of veteran talent under a new regime with the specific purpose of hurling their young draft picks into the fire and building a foundation for the future. The result was a 1-15 team that celebrated their only win like the Super Bowl. Would a similar situation make the 14-hour days worth it for Richardson? Would that feel like tanking, or perhaps something else?

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