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Jets' Bowles: Joining Pats 'would be great' for Revis

The Jets last month parted ways with Darrelle Revis, leading to plenty of speculation that the one-time star cornerback could wind up back with New York's arch enemy -- the Patriots.

"It would be great for him,"Jets coach Todd Bowles said Tuesday during the Annual League Meeting, per SportsNet New York.

Bowles wished Revis well, but quipped that he just didn't want to see the 31-year-old cover man play well against the Jets.

"I'm a big Revis fan. I have a lot of respect for the guy," said Bowles after watching the seven-time Pro Bowler finish last season as the league's 66th-ranked player at his position.

The Patriots have yet to publicly approach Revis, but team owner Robert Kraft told reporters Monday that he would welcome the player back to the fold after Revis was cleared on all charges stemming from a February street brawl in Pittsburgh.

"I would love it," Kraft said, per the New York Daily News. "Speaking for myself, if he wanted to come back, he's a great competitor. I'd welcome him if he wanted to come."

Asked if the Patriots had reached out to Revis, Kraft simply said, "ask my boy," referring to coach Bill Belichick.

Fair enough. It boils down to what Belichick still sees in Revis, a player who might be asked to shift to safety to continue on in the NFL.

The Jets had their fill, but what would be more predictable than the Patriots morphing the aging Revis back into a prime-time threat in time for September.

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