Jerry Rice: I was entering my prime at Megatron's age

As Calvin Johnsoncontemplates retirement from the NFL at 30 years old, The GOAT laments seeing Megatron possibly leave with gas left in the tank.

"It's just unfortunate to see him (walk away) because he's around, like, 32," Jerry Rice told Wednesday. "I was just coming into my prime at his age."

Rice isn't lying:

Before 30: 8 seasons; 610 catches; 10,273 yards; 103 touchdowns
After 30: 12 seasons; 939 catches; 12,622 yards; 94 touchdowns

In nine seasons, Johnson compiled 731 catches for 11,619 yards and 83 touchdowns.

One of Rice's former teammates, Ronnie Lott, said what Megatron has done in nine years put him on pace to play at a GOAT level.

"He'll be a first-ballot (Hall of Fame) guy," Lott told the Detroit Free Press. "In those nine seasons he's allowed all of us to know that he can be just as good as Jerry Rice. And that's key."

Injuries are the catalysts behind Johnson's internal retirement debate. The wideout has battled nagging injuries the past handful of seasons.

Rice's health, meanwhile, played into his longevity. Only once in his 20 years did he play fewer than 12 games in a season (two in 1997). In 17 seasons he played all 16 games. In his final year, 2004, Rice played 17 regular season games (six with Oakland, 11 with Seattle).

"I mean, I think the thing with him is that if he can't be 100 percent, he doesn't want to just be on the field," Rice said. "There's a lot of money he's walking away from. He's walking away from, like, $27 million. But he doesn't want to be that type of player."

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