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Jerry Jones would write 'embarrassing' check for title

The Dallas Cowboys have won three Super Bowls during the Jerry Jones era, but none since 1996. Twenty-two years is a long-enough wait for Jones, who said Tuesday that he wouldn't hesitate to part with a sizable sum to win another title.

"It would be embarrassing, it would be shocking if you knew the size of the check I would write if it guaranteed me a Super Bowl," Jones told Shan and RJ on 105.3 The Fan. "It would be obscene. There is nothing I would do financially not to get a Super Bowl."

Jones clarified that in the age of salary-capped free agency, a team's "financial" situation doesn't come into play when building a Super Bowl-contending roster, unlike in international soccer or baseball. But that investment into certain areas of the organization can make it "more attractive" to prospective players. (See: Jerryworld and The Star.)

Jones' big-buck boast comes in light of an anecdote from author Mark Leibovich's upcoming book, Big Game, in which Jones tells Leibovich he wouldn't trade his Hall of Fame gold jacket for another Super Bowl title.

The owner walked back those comments Tuesday, citing how cosmically unrealistic such a swap would be.

"Years ago, I wanted that third Super Bowl so bad I said if you [the man upstairs] give me one more, I'll never ask again," Jones explained Tuesday. "I find myself trying to retrade that trade for the last 20-something years. Since we've got it in perespective of who we're talking about right now, then I don't have to make that trade. So let's just win a Super Bowl."

Jones is a wealthy man, most recently valued by Forbes at around $5.6 billion. His franchise is worth a pretty penny too. The Cowboys are the NFL's most valuable team at $4.2 billion.

So how much is Jones actually willing to part with to secure Dallas wins another title in his lifetime? Only "the man upstairs" knows. (But probably a billion.)

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