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Jerry Jones supports Terrance Williams after arrest

Terrance Williams was adamant in professing his innocence after being arrested on suspicion of public intoxication Saturday in Frisco, Texas.

The lawyers and courts still have to fulfill their parts of the legal process, but Cowboys owner Jerry Jones isn't waiting for their actions to decide where he stands on the matter -- even without communicating with Williams.

"I know Terrance," Jones told USA Today Sports. "He's solid. Real solid. I'm hopeful. I don't know the details. I read his public statement about it and take it at face value."

Williams claimed in his public statement that he was arrested by an officer who he says didn't perform a sobriety test before taking him into custody. In his own statement, Williams' attorney Chip Lewis refuted reports Williams crashed into a light pole. Though league discipline could await Williams, Jones is trusting his own judgment and history with the receiver.

"Haven't talked to him," Jones said. "In general, his track record is really solid with us on behavior issues. So consequentially, I'm not going to give it a lot of concern, other than I just hate that he's had that issue."

Williams has appeared in 80 games over five seasons with the Cowboys. Dallas drafted the receiver out of Baylor in the third round in 2013.

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