Jerry Jones not worried about a Dez Bryant holdout

The Dallas Cowboysplaced the franchise tag on receiver Dez Bryant to ensure he wouldn't hit the open market while a long-term deal could be worked out. Jerry Jones doesn't sound in a hurry to get that multi-year deal done.

"It's not imperative for him or us to get something done by the season or otherwise," Jones said Tuesday, per the team's official website. "Let's be real clear: The franchise is there just to do exactly what it's doing, and it really rewards, financially, a player. And so while both of us would like to have a long-term agreement -- and I can speak to that, we both would -- it's not imperative on any type of timeframe of months or during the time the franchise is in to get something done."

Bryant will make $12.7 million on the tag this season. It's conceivable that the Cowboys could wield the tag again next season -- at 120 percent of the 2015 figure --  which would pay Bryant north of $15.2 million.

Jones said part of the trouble with Bryant's deal is that all NFL teams are trying to figure out what the market is for young receivers in an age with proliferating passing games and a burgeoning salary cap.

"I'd say, in general, that receiver market is a tough market right now. Obviously, you've got Demaryius (Thomas) out in Denver who was franchised, and you've got some good young ones coming up in A.J. (Green) and Julio (Jones)," he said. "In general, teams are trying to figure out what that wide receiver market should be for these top young guys."

One concern for Dallas could be Bryant holding out if a long-term agreement can't be finalized. It's a scenario the Cowboys' owner brushed aside.

"I'm not worried about that at all, and it's because of how much he loves the game, how much he knows that preparation, practice, all of that improves him," Jones said.

"There's no doubt in my mind that -- without being presumptuous, without doing anything -- that Dez will be on the field and a Dallas Cowboy under either of the circumstances -- long-term or franchise agreement."

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