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Jerry Jones: No need for weekly Jason Garrett pledge

Following the Dallas Cowboys' embarrassing collapse to the Green Bay Packers, owner Jerry Jones described Sunday's 37-36 loss as "one of the hardest losses that I've experienced."

"That's a shame that we've lost that ballgame," Jones said, per ESPN.

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Yet, the owner said he didn't feel the need to reiterate his confidence in Jason Garrett moving forward.

"I was firm for one night at that time and that doesn't call for me having to be firm every morning I get up," Jones said, per the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. "So I was real firm then, so take that to the bank. Just take that to the bank. I'm not going to sit here and every time I see you guys, ask whether I'm firm or not. We can all play that game."

Garrett's team finds new and devastating ways to lose games seemingly every week. Tony Romo deserves partial credit for the debacle, but the coach's calescent seat should start to burn.

Essentially, Jones desperately wants to be proven right that Garrett can be a good coach -- like the one he let get away, Sean Payton. However, with two weeks remaining in 2013, Jones is starting to sound like he knows he might need some wiggle room come season's end.

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